swearing at children, banjos

Thunderstorms most of the day here, but finally headed out around 6:30.  5.3 miles/45:36.  Very humid.  Week 1 begins at midnight, so let’s check with Hal.  Whadda you know?  Monday = Day of rest!  So far this is wicked easy! You know, when I’m running I think about all these insightful things that I could write about.  A few hours later I [...]

waterfront vs park vs headphones

Ran along the water again this evening.  Until we moved last August, I had only trained in Prospect Park.  Lots of trees and shade.  The waterfront route is a lot different.  No shade, much louder (traffic noise), and it seems like there’s always a nasty headwind.  Anyway, 4 miles, 8:30 pace tonight, which is fantastic for me.  I’ll do a longer [...]

planes over the Verrazano

During my run on Shore Road Park, I was treated to an air show over the Verrazano Bridge.  Very cool.  Stopped a few times to snap some pictures, but ended up with an under 9 minute pace (4 mile run).  Here are a couple of pics.


My wife will kill me when she finds out I’ve started a blog. “That’s for young people and prisoners,” she’ll say. But I’m told that I should keep a record of my progress or lack thereof, so here goes.  I’ll be running the NYC Marathon on Nov. 2 of this year.  This will be my [...]