back from VT – thunderstorm

Left Vermont on Saturday and pulled in to Johnstown at @4:30 or so.  Changed and headed out for a 9 mile run.   Got through about 6.5 miles and it started to rain a little.  Then it started to thunder a little.   I still had @30 minutes or so to go, so I told [...]

week 3 wrap

Week 3 was a tough week for blogging. I bought a new computer and might I say, this bitch is ready to freakin’ rock. I opened the box and unwrapped it and it snarled at me! No joke! Oh yes, the running… Saturday long run – Up at 5:15. It’s 78 degrees. Gawd. 5.5 miles/48:04. [...]

weekend work

Saturday – 7.34 miles/1:03:49 Up at 7:30. Ate a banana and headed out. Started running at 8:10. I’m really surprised how many people are already out at this time of day. As I wrote before, I have two technical shirts. The first is a Zorrel that is great and is made by communist slaves. The [...]


Achilles tendon is still a little irritated, but not nearly as bad as the beginning of the week. Trying to incorporate more stretching into my routine. I promise. I really, really promise. Here’s something I’ve been putting off. I think I have to consider wearing a headband. For sweat absorption, the baseball cap isn’t cuttin’ [...]

knee pain

Very hot and humid for the next few days here, so I decided I’d do something that I don’t do unless it’s race day; I ran in the morning. I probably waited too long and headed out at 11:00. Only 3 miles, but it makes me remember why I run in the evening, just before [...]

week 1 finished, week 2 begins

Saturday – 6.6 miles/58:22 The high humidity does a number on my head lately. Gives me sinus headaches. The good thing is that as soon as I’m 5 minutes into the run, I feel great. Stop running, the pain comes back. Solution? I might have to switch locations for these long runs. It’d be a [...]

i’m not here on business, only here for fun

Finished three consecutive days of running. 3 miles on Tues, 4 on Wed, 3 on Thurs. Not so bad, but very tired last night. 6 mile scheduled for Saturday. “Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)” came up on the playlist during last night’s run, which reminded me of two things. First of all, my goal is just [...]

shin splints & spider

Before going out, did some work in the back yard moving stone and dirt. You know what happens when you start moving things in the yard that haven’t been moved for a while? Things crawl out to find other places to crawl into. Found this very colorful spider under a piece of plastic bag underneath [...]