Prep Ho Half Marathon

Saturday – 13.1 miles planned. Up at 6:15. Banana and piece of bread with peanut butter for breakfast. Drink a glass and a half of water before I go. Out the door at @6:45. It’s about a 10 minute walk down to the water. Remember when I said I was going to change up my [...]


I have two main foot problems. First, my feet seem to be sweating more than I remember them sweating in the past. My Nike socks are sopping wet when I’m done with even a moderate run. Second, if I don’t keep the nail on my middle toe (on my right foot) trimmed extremely short, the [...]

sell this house

There is a show on the A&E network called “Sell This House.” The idea here is that your house has been on the market for a while, and merciful God, you don’t know why. You call the “Sell This House” crew, and they come in and “redesign and restage your home so that you can [...]

week 6 wrap

Yesterday, Lar and I were walking to the toy store to get a gift for a friend’s son, and we got to talking about parallel dimensions. Some parts of string theory suggest that there may be 11, some say as many as 26. Basically that means that there could be multiple Kevin’s and Lara’s running [...]

by the time you finish watching this video…

…, you’ll want to run a marathon. Check this out. Only 5 and a half minutes long. Contains some swearing, but it’s otherwise safe for work.

vt diet

Just found this draft that I started last week and never finished. Updated entry to come. — I have to admit I didn’t eat well on vacation last week.   Is a blueberry muffin considered a serving of fruit? Good news for my fellow lactose-intolerant-walking-dead; Cabot Cheddar cheese contains no lactose! What’s that? Is that [...]