“Good morning, Worm Your Honour.”

Saturday – 18 miles planned. Rained much of last night. Right now it’s grey but not too dark. Check the radar before I go and it looks like I’m good for at least a couple hours. PB&J and water. Gonna hold off taking my first Gu until I get to the park. I’m taking 3 [...]


I’m a little late getting out this morning. Know why? Cause I stayed up watching hurricane coverage. I love love LOVE hurricane coverage. What’s to love? I love seeing the correspondents standing (or trying to stand) in 85 mph winds while getting pelted with rain which at that speed must feel like needles against their [...]


It’s been a while, so I’ll get you caught up. Last week marked the halfway point of the 18 week training schedule. Week 9 ended with a 10 mile run. This weekend’s long run was delayed by a day because of TS Hanna. Sunday – 15 miles planned. Wake at 5:45. It’s still dark out! [...]