It seems to be going around. Matt, then Dan, now me. I’ve done something to my left knee. Started on Tuesday. Ran through it on Wed. Got 1.25 miles in on Thursday before I stopped. I’m good for a few miles, then pain starts on the outside of my kneecap. A few more minutes go [...]

15 upstate

I gotta start writing these the day of or the day after. I can’t remember any details this far out. Anyway, here goes. — Traveled upstate this weekend to take Chris out for a quiet, man’s night out. Just dinner and fruity shots. I don’t know where my compatriots come from, but where I went [...]


I hate peeps. There’s no honor in a peep. No honor in manufacturing, selling or consuming them. I’m not sure what’s worse, tempura or a peep. A peep starts out as crap and finishes as crap. At least tempura begins life as a vegetable and turns into something awful for you. Tempura is more tragic. [...]

he’s touching me

On Sunday, May 24th I will be running a leg of the Buffalo Marathon. It’s a 4-person relay. Let’s meet team “He’s Touching Me” : This will be Lara’s first running event. I believe this is also Dan’s first. Kevin has run the Buffalo Half before. This will be my third Buffalo run. I’m due [...]