“Wipe off your cheek Roll down your window and speak Words can’t break glass What if we never come back?” “Moving Target” – Chris Trapper I’m not certain, but I believe the song is actually about being in a confrontational situation with someone close to you. Say what you mean now because we may never [...]

test post – halloween rejects

test post – halloween rejects, originally uploaded by poorsparky. Robert Loggia

nyc marathon ’09 info

I came across a thread on a running forum. The title was “what you wish you knew when you did your 1st marathon.” I love this response and was fortunate enough to have read it before I ran my first last year: ———————————————————————————————————————— RE: What you wish you knew when you did your 1st marathon [...]

lake placid half marathon – June 14

update: 9 days to NY. The leg feels good. It’s my neck that hurts these days. It just started yesterday. Shooting pain that happens every now and then. It radiates from the base of my neck up into my temples and behind my eyes. It’s not consistent, some times on the left, some times on [...]

Mohawk-Hudson River Half Marathon +

Sunday, October 11 is the Mohawk-Hudson River Half Marathon. I have a 20 miler scheduled for that weekend. My plan is to run the half and then run around the Corning Preserve to get the extra miles in. The plan is to head to Chris and Teresa’s house on Sat night. Saturday. We’re going to [...]

Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon

Lar and I are upstate for the Hudson River Half Marathon. Going to stay at Chris and Teresa’s house tonight so that we’re nearer to the start. T and I are running. Chris and Lara are drinking beers and heckling. Should be fun. The end of the course is the Corning Preserve. I’m supposed to [...]

i’ve been everywhere, man

update: First of all, there’s a reason these posts never saw the light of day. Keep reading, you’ll see. Second, my ITB issues are gone. I haven’t run with the strap since the Lake Placid Half Marathon (race report to follow). What healed me was 2.5 to 3 weeks of complete rest. I never did [...]