4 comments to race/post-race

  • SoundDawg

    First of all, that video rocks! But most of all….Lara YOU ROCK!! Amazing time for someone who just started running. I can’t even imagine running that distance or for that amount of time. I get bored enough after 40 minutes. I would love to hear a race report mile by mile from you. I can’t even imagine what was going through your brain!!

    BTW….what was your time Kevin?

  • re: my time – official – 1:53:28, unofficial – 01:51:47.

    Why the big difference? Train crossing. No joke. I had to wait for a f@#king freight train to cross.

  • SoundDawg

    LMAO!! Who the hell decides to plot a race with train crossings?! Not only inconvenient but has the potential to be deadly if someone decided their race time was worth playing chicken with a freight train! Nice time though…isn’t that like just about 9 min miles?!

  • tvgirl2323

    As far as us who dropped out of the relay race, I remember I wanted to still run….so I will not be sucking it. Lara – I think your time is great! I will be back on the running trail as soon as this baby vegetable of the week lets me, and as soon as I get my jogging stoller.

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