wineglass marathon ’10

Saturday – Packet pickup in Corning ends at 5:00, so we leave Brooklyn at @9:45 thinking that it’ll take 5 hours if the traffic is light. Mercifully, there is very little traffic and getting out of Manhattan is a breeze. Lar’s driving first which means that technically she can’t fall asleep. That also means that [...]


Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I am alive. The weather was beautiful, but the race was ugly. Full report to follow.

Elmira blues.

Elmira blues., originally uploaded by poorsparky.

early night

We leave for Corning tomorrow morning, so we’re getting to bed early tonight. It’s an 8:00 start on Sunday, and it looks like it’s going to be overcast, 40 degrees with a chance of rain. I will be liveblogging if I can remember how to do it, so keep an eye right here. And hey, [...]