early night

We leave for Corning tomorrow morning, so we’re getting to bed early tonight. It’s an 8:00 start on Sunday, and it looks like it’s going to be overcast, 40 degrees with a chance of rain. I will be liveblogging if I can remember how to do it, so keep an eye right here.

And hey, does your navigator fall asleep 20 minutes into a 5 hour drive? Mine does. Looks like another long, lonely drive tomorrow.

3 comments to early night

  • kway

    That is EXACTLY what happens on our long drives. We get in the car, put on some “This American Life” podcasts, and Kasey falls asleep three minutes into it. She’ll wake up at the very end and say “I missed that. Play it again.” I won’t. Because three minutes into it……

  • Ha! The only good thing is that when she does fall asleep I can turn off the Pet Shop Boys Greatest Hits and put on… you know… something good.

  • kway

    Man, I thought I had it bad. Pet Shop Boys had hits? Plural? Must be an ep.

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