wineglass II


Hard to believe it’s been a year since I’ve posted. Many drafts sitting here, but nothing worth publishing. Anyway, I have been running, and today was my last long run (8 miler). Next weekend, I head to Corning to run the Wineglass Marathon. You’ll recall last year’s attempt was not great. I’ve thought about what went wrong last year, and I’ve narrowed it down to two main things.

1) Nutrition – A percentage of this is a crap-shoot (i.e. some times your stomach feels great, other times you just know it’s gonna be a long day), but some of it isn’t. The night before, I had pasta and red sauce, which is good, however I didn’t have a good half loaf of Italian bread as I had been doing before my long training runs. In short, I didn’t eat enough. I’m thinking that the bread would had not only provided extra carbs, but may have also helped with the acidic stomach on raceday.

2) Pacing/’Banking’ Time – While I did not feel 100% during the beginning portions of the race, I felt well enough to run faster than I had planned. At the half, I realized that I was well ahead of my half split time, and decided that I could, if needed, slow my pace during the second half because I had effectively ‘banked’ time from the first half. What I failed to realize is that by allowing myself to run faster than planned, I had spent my energy reserves too early. By the later stages of the race, I had no more energy to give.

manhattan bridge sunrise

So next weekend, I’m going to do a few things differently.

1) We’re staying in a suite with a kitchen. The night before, I’ll be making my own dinner so I’ll be eating exactly what (and how much) I want.

2) And it was written “Thou shall watch thine pace carefully during the early portions of the race, so as to not tire one’s ass too soon.”

There were more, but I can’t think of them right now.

So there you go. Lots of good things happening. More to come. Next stop Corning.

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  • catmarlson

    Good call with the pre-race eats. I can’t take the chance with a random sauce.
    I also agree with the banked time idea. It’s better to think about running faster towards the end if you’ve got the energy for it. One friend talks about the marathon as a 20 mile run with a 10K race at the end. He does say that there are times when there is no race at the end.
    Good Luck!

  • SoundDawg

    Good luck this year!! I hope all the stars align and you kick the courses ass! I reread the last entry you had made and your thoughts of Dom and got choked up all over again! That is one fine piece of writing! God speed my friend!

  • Thanks for the well wishes, guys. We’re staying Friday and Saturday nights, so I’ll be able to kick back all day Saturday (instead of sitting in the car all day).

    re: 10k race – I like that idea of 10k at the end. The problem is that the year I broke 4 hours at NY, I really was a slave to my Garmin, constantly checking to make sure I was on pace. I’d love to be able to kick back for 20 miles and then ‘check in’ and kick it up a notch. I just don’t think I’d have the energy, especially these days. This running stuff isn’t getting any easier!

    Oh and I’m going to make a couple of pacing wristbands to wear. That helps me a lot, and I completely forgot to do it last year.

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