Pre prep

Pre prep, originally uploaded by poorsparky.

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  • catmarlson

    Ummm. What’s to the right of the Kashi bar?
    That looks like a whole lot more nutrition than you’ve used in the past. Or am I wrong about that?

  • Crap! Didn’t see this comment till just now!

    re: right of the Kashi bar? Just some eye drops. I decided to try wearing my contacts. I only wear them twice a year now, and when I looked at them the night before, the right one was completely dry. Turns out, I didn’t need them (the eyedrops).

    re: nutrition – What you see here is just me lining up every thing that I’d brought with me OCD-style. I didn’t need/run with nearly that much. And yes, this race saw the return of the dreaded paper, pace-wristbands. Hope to have a full race report up over the weekend.

  • SoundDawg

    Its been over two months! Time for the PrepHo recap please!

  • Ask and ye shall receive, my friend!

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